Ear Piercing

Medical Ear Piercing by Dr. Bagrodia at our 4S office

Coast Pediatrics uses the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing system which is only available to health professionals.  We offer the safest, more sterile ear piercing solution for your child in the comfort of our office.

Who is eligible?

Children must be at least 3 months old and up to date on their Hepatitis B and tetanus vaccines.  A patient of any of our locations can get medical ear piercing done at our 4S Ranch location, and we are currently able to offer this to patients who get their primary pediatric care elsewhere as well.

How do I schedule?

Ear piercing is a stand alone appointment to allow Dr. Bagrodia time for accurate markings and patient education.  We can use a numbing cream for the comfort of your child, and this takes a few minutes to take effect.  For these reasons, in most situations, we will not be able to simply add ear piercing onto a well or sick visit.

What are the risks?

Ear piercing is a minor procedure for which we take every precaution to deliver a safe and comfortable experience.  We only use single use, sterile piercing equipment.  To avoid the risk of a nickel allergy we offer either medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic earrings, which can be safely switched to regular earrings after the healing process.  Despite precautions using a sterile technique, there is a rare chance of infection, scarring or allergic reaction.  We will ask you to sign an informed consent waiver at the time of the procedure detailing these risks.  You will be provided with detailed after care instructions.

How much does it cost?

Payment covers the cost of numbing, ear piercing, aftercare swabs, and a pair of hypoallergenic earrings.  The cost is $120 for two ears.  This is not reimbursable by insurance, and is due at the time of service.