How to know when it is ADHD?

by your Coast doc Mona Bagrodia MD FAAP Put your shoes on…..Brush your teeth….Where’s your homework?…..Where are your soccer cleats?…..Sit while you’re eating…..Keep your hands to yourself……Are you listening?? Does […]

COVID-19 and Anxiety in Children

by your Coast Doc Mona Bagrodia What is Anxiety? Anxiety can be a normal feeling of worry or fear that children have during stressful moments. When anxiety becomes chronic, or […]

Kids and Coronavirus, where are we now?

by your Coast Docs Shakha Gillin and Lori Taylor  As we enter summer, kids and families are normally focusing on summer activities like surfing, swimming, camps, outdoor experiences and time […]

Family Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Jontue Koff, Pediatric Occupational Therapist While I am happy that we have the opportunity to slow down, take long walks as a family, and play a long game of […]

“What’s in My Baby’s Food?”

by Rachel Rothman, Registered Dietitian  In October, a non-profit group called Healthy Babies Bright Futures released a new report titled, “What’s in my Baby’s food?”  The group tested 168 baby […]

Natural Remedies for Gastrointestinal Problems

by Rebecca Cherry, Pediatric Gastroenterologist It seems that the older we get, the more we remind ourselves of our parents, and maybe even of our grandparents. And the more we […]

Concussion in Today’s Young Athlete

by Angelo Del Re, MD So many children and teens are actively involved in sports and competitive play. Being an athlete can build social skills, create lessons of teamwork, and keep […]

Mindful Eating Around the Dinner Table

by Christine Wood, MD With so much to do, busy families are finding it harder to spend quality time around meals. Often meals involve picking something up and rushing through a […]