Our Practice

Our Practice

We are local pediatricians who have been practicing in this community for a combined 30+ years.  The best part of our job is watching children in our care grow and thrive.  Families trust us to be part of their children’s lives, and for this we are grateful.

We founded Coast Pediatrics Del Mar, and now Carmel Valley, in response to increasing demand from parents for an alternative to the status quo.  We share your frustration with long wait times and visits with multiple different providers who may not know your child well.  As insurance payments shrink and administrative costs rise, medical groups struggle to remain viable by squeezing more appointments into the same amount of time.  Groups grow larger for cost sharing purposes, leading to difficulty in seeing the same doctor at your visits.  With the lowest insurance reimbursements rates among all specialties, pediatricians are often the last to be able to embrace new technology.

At Coast Pediatrics Del Mar and Carmel Valley, we offer a different solution.  Our annual administrative fee allows us to remain a small practice with a small patient load, and to provide you with excellent pediatric care that is technologically advanced.  This administrative fee is for non-medical services, and is not eligible for reimbursement from medical insurance.  You will continue to use your health insurance to pay for medical services in the same way that you would in a traditional pediatric practice.

Our annual administrative fees renew in September of each year, and are prorated for families who join the practice mid-year.

Fee structure
Families with 1 child: $150 per year

Families with 2 children: $275 per year

Families with 3 or more children: $375 per year

Benefits of  joining our practice:

-Our commitment to remaining a small practice.  Our brand-new office is a generous space, but without much room to grow, so we’ll never get too big.  We will close our practice to new families before we become difficult to access.

-Our patient portal (MyCoast) where you can log-in to request appointments or medication refills, view your child’s medical record, fill out office forms ahead of your visit, and receive paperless communication from us.

-State of the art electronic health record that securely communicates with local pharmacies and labs.  Prescriptions are transferred to pharmacies electronically, minimizing medication errors and shortening wait-times.  Results from local labs immediately become part of your child’s health record.

-Our own full-service website with American Academy of Pediatrics approved medical information, pediatric dosages for OTC medications, information on local medical services, and more.

-No fees for school and camp forms, triplicate prescriptions, or after-hours phone calls.

-After-hours on-call system of on-line triage information, on-call nurses and our own doctors.

We became pediatricians because we love to watch kids grow up and want to be a part of it. Larger practices with shorter appointment times do not allow us to do what we enjoy best, which is getting to know your family and taking the best care of your children.  We realize that many families already spend a significant amount of money on health insurance.  We hope that you will find value in our small practice and join our Coast Pediatrics family!