Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals

Our patients often ask us for advice on vitamins and supplements.  We are confident in recommending Nordic Naturals products to those parents who would like to give their children vitamins or omega fatty acid supplements.  We are pleased to offer you the ability to purchase Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries vitamins in our office.

All Nordic Natural products (pediatric and adult) available online:
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Here’s How To Order:
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Why Nordic Naturals? The company has been in business for nearly 20 years and their products have a reputation in the industry for purity, freshness and taste.  Independent third parties test Nordic Naturals products for heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.  Fish oil products are prepared with fish sourced sustainably.  A variety of products, both fish-based and vegetarian, are available that appeal to children and adults alike.

Why omega fatty acid supplementation?  There is growing evidence for diverse health benefits from omega fatty acid supplementation. There is strong research support for benefits in childhood cognitive and visual development, as well as in the prevention of heart disease for children and adults.  In addition, pediatric studies suggest that omega fatty acid supplementation may be beneficial for children with ADHD, depression, asthma, concussion and more.  For information from the National Institutes of Health about Fish Oil supplementation, click here.

Why Nordic Berry vitamins?  A well-balanced diet should be able to provide most growing children with the nutrients that they need.  For those families who choose to give multivitamins to their children, or have children who may have special diets (for example, vegetarian or gluten-free), Nordic Berries are a great choice.  If you have questions please ask us.