After Hours


After Hours

The majority of your concerns may be answered with our online symptom guide and medication dosing guide.

Find out your child’s medication dosage:

Learn more about your child’s illness and symptoms:

Nurse Triage

We can be reached for urgent matters after hours at (858) 284 3744 for Del Mar, and (858) 210-7590 for Carmel Valley. Please have the phone number for your pharmacy available if needed. For a list of local 24 hour pharmacies, click here. While we are happy to assist you and your sick child after hours, we ask that you reserve non-urgent calls to regular business hours. Routine questions, scheduling issues, and prescription refills should be discussed during the time that we are open. Thank you for understanding.

Most insurance carriers provide 24/7 nurse triage services. If you would like to utilize this service, please contact the appropriate number below:

Aetna: (800) 556-1555
Anthem Blue Cross: (800) 224-0336
Blue Shield of California: (877) 304-0504
Cigna: (800) 564-9286
Healthnet: (800) 893-5597


Poison Control

For any ingestion, call the poison control center directly at 800-222-1222 for immediate assistance.

Urgent Cares and Emergency Departments

The following are links to local Urgent Cares and Emergency Departments. We recommend verifying your insurance coverage for these with your carrier beforehand.

Urgent Cares

Rady Children’s Hospital Urgent Cares

*Please be aware that the only Rady’s Urgent Cares with X-ray capabilities are the Oceanside and Mid-City locations.  For possible broken bones after hours, you will want to visit an emergency department, or the Oceanside or Mid-City Urgent Cares.

Emergency Departments

Rady Children’s Hospital: 858-966-8800
Scripps La Jolla: 858-626-4123
Scripps Encinitas: 760-633-5601